You shouldn’t pay to get paid

How it works

You need a card terminal and a redemption agreement

To start taking payment you need two things: a card terminal and a redemption agreement. Let us take care of both.

Usually, you’ll get your redemption guarantee and card terminal from the same provider. Our partners offer up-to-date, dependable card terminals (both fixed and wireless). Choose a fixed one if you can; they’re often more reliable. Already got a card terminal from another provider? You can use that with us, no problem. We work with Verifone, Swedbank Pay and Worldline.

Transaction fees

All card terminal providers charge a fee for each transaction that goes through their kit. Here in Sweden, 80% of your transactions are likely to be by card. That’s a lot of potential fees eating into your profit. Fees vary from provider to provider, with some charging an eye-watering 1.8% on the value of every transaction.

We’ll give you the market’s lowest transaction fee

One of our partners is Swedbank Pay. They’ve been helping businesses – small and big – do their thing for years. That means we can offer sensible transaction fees (we’re talking under 0.99%) depending on your turnover and which cards you accept.

Payment solutions

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