Remember those old, clunky checkouts?
Neither do we.

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Our philosophy? Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

You know all those tasks that eat up your precious time? We’ve made them so simple they’ll take care of themselves. Almost.

A checkout that just works

Forget complicated, outdated solutions and piles of painful admin. Future-proof your business by getting paid and managing sales in a single, simple cloud-based system.

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Plug in. Set up. Get paid.

Complicated instruction manuals are a thing of the past. We’ll help set up your card terminal, printer and iPad. You’ll be ready to go in no time.

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Food and drink

Today could just be the day you create that once-in-a-lifetime recipe. Make that your priority, and we’ll keep an eye on the sales.

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You’re a service pro. Not necessarily a numbers and admin expert. And that’s perfectly ok. We’re here to help.

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Small shops

We know you’ve got more important things to do than tracking your sales. Taking care of your customers, for one. So go ahead and do just that. Leave the mundane stuff to us.

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