POS and card
terminal in your

Yabie Bordsbeställning
Everything in your phone

Get a complete point-of-sale system and card terminal in your smartphone. Everything at your fingertips.

Yabie nota
Digital receipts

Email the receipt, print the receipt or skip the receipt. All receipts are saved digitally so you can always access them if needed.

Yaibe moln
Cloud-based system

With our cloud-based checkout, you get automatic updates and fast remote support. In addition, you don't have to buy an external control box because it is in the cloud.

Yabie Fakturering
Invoicing (via Fortnox)

By activating automatic reporting, all your reporting is sent at the end of the day to your accountant. This means less work for both you and the accountant.

Getting paid
has never been easier

That’s right. Yabie Go provides you with a certified and holistic point-of-sale system and payment terminal, right on your phone. No other hardware is needed. Getting paid while on the go has never been easier, as your entire payment system suddenly fits right in your pocket. And don’t worry, you don’t even need to rely on shaky wi-fi to get things going. Yabie Go is currently only available for Android.

A complete point-of-sale system in your pocket

Ease your everyday by using a point-of-sale system that’s intuitive to use, looks great and is easy to learn. Create your own start page with interactive features to have your favourite products right at your fingertips. Yabie Go is a certified point-of-sale system directly connected to Skatteverket (The Swedish Tax Agency).

A new type of card terminal

With Yabie Go, you can accept lightning-fast payments in any way and with any card you're used to. Let your customers tap their card or phone for card payments - or use Swish if they prefer. There are no limits here!

Create your own product catalogue

Building and managing your own product catalog is easy. You can easily add new products and color-coordinate each category, so you and your colleagues get a better overview of your entire range in Yabie Go.

Safe and smooth transactions

You can finally throw out your external payment terminal – and simply let customers tap their card right on your smartphone. Payments are instantly processed and follow the same security and encryption standards as for any payment terminal. Your own payment terminal also accepts any payment card from VISA to Mastercard and even Swish.

Find the right solution for you

Imagine a world where in-store payment solutions aren’t complicated, or boring. That fully fit your business, that just works. That’s where we come in. Are you not sure if Yabie Go is the right fit fpr you? Contact us and we will help you find the right solution for you.

Yabie Go

From SEK 359 /month

Point-of-sale system and card terminal in a smartphone.

  • Point-of-sale system
  • Reports
  • Integrations

Our point-of-sale system is a cloud-based system, making updates are automatic, free and fast. Always with straightforward support.

Easy admin

The user-friendly system makes it easy for you to add, delete or change prices and items on your own. No hassle, no support calls.

Accept all ways to pay

With our Point-of-sale system you can accept cash, card, Swish, invoices, even gift cards. It’s all integrated for smooth and simple reporting.

Automatic reporting

Turn on auto-reporting and have all your numbers fly off to your accountant. Less work for you. Less work for them.

Sales overview

Yabie Reports tracks and analyses all your sales, ready for you to view any time from your phone.

Easy to use

Useful. Helpful. And above all, easy. Easy to learn. Easy to use. Easy to get up and running. Because who wants complicated?


For big fans of
small details

Yes, Yabie is a certified cash register. All companies must have a certified cash register to meet the Swedish Tax Agency's requirements. A certified cash register often means that a physical control unit is connected to your cash register. With our point-of-sale system, the control unit is cloud-based, which means you meet all requirements with just a mobile phone or tablet.

Our terminals can handle payments with Klarna In-store, Swish as well as contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay and of course all major payment cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

A mobile and cloud-based cash register saves all sales information in the cloud. This means that you don't have to have the black box on your counter that just takes up a lot of space.

You always receive the payments within two working days.

Yes, we have two different types of card terminals; one connected to the cash register and one stand-alone terminal. Contact us to find out which one suits your business best!

Our goal is always to get your order delivered as quickly as possible. Under normal circumstances, the delivery time within Sweden is 2–3 working days.

The guarantee that we receive from our respective manufacturers and/or suppliers also of course applies to you. If the manufacturer's warranty is shorter than the entire contract period, we extend it so that it applies to the entire contract period. You can read more about our terms and conditions här.

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Food and drinks

Today could just be the day you create that once-in-a-lifetime recipe. Make that your priority, and we’ll keep an eye on the sales.



You’re a service pro. Not necessarily a numbers and admin expert. And that’s perfectly ok. We’re here to help.


Small shops

We know you’ve got more important things to do than tracking your sales. Taking care of your customers, for one. So go ahead and do just that. Leave the mundane stuff to us.

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