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Certified Point-of-Sale system, a complete payments solution and all sales data at your fingertips. Everything to make your life easier.

Quick set-up

It’s easy to get started and use our products. And complicated user manuals belong to the past. Our onboarding and support team is always available if you need a helping hand.

Yabie Online

Let your guests order online. You will receive all orders directly into the Point-of-Sale and you will be in full control of both online and physical orders. Get started and sell more today.

One system.
Everything you need.

Complete POS system

With our Yabie Express POS solution, you get everything you need to manage your sales. Both software and hardware, checkout systems and payment options. The smart cash register is easy to customize and it handles your accounting automatically. If something breaks, you don't need to worry. Everything is saved in the cloud.

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POS system and card terminal in your smartphone

With Yabie Go you get both a certified and full-scale POS system and card terminal directly on your phone. No other hardware is needed anymore. Being on the go and taking payments has never been easier, you can simply fit both your POS system and your card terminal in your pocket. And you don't need an unsecured internet connection.

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Yabie Pay

Yabie Pay is a complete payment solution with the highest security label (PCI DSS). Fully integrated with your Yabie Point-of-Sale, the Yabie Pay terminal accepts card payments from VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. Available in both mobile and countertop card terminals.

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